School of Love’s mission is to deepen Catholic marriages and families in faith and in love, through continual formation programs and materials that are spiritual, intellectual, and relational.


School of Love provides ways for couples and their children to grow deeper in the faith while simultaneously growing deeper together in marriage and family. We offer a variety of dynamic materials, courses, events, and writings. We offer them for a variety of participants, from engaged couples, to married couples, and to families. All of these programs and materials are geared to form couples and their children spiritually in the life of prayer, intellectually in the teachings of the Church, and relationally in the human bonds they have together.


School of Love’s marriage and family formation is comprehensive, continual, and Catholic. Being comprehensive means, for example, that our courses don’t just involve learning, but prayer pieces and a practical relationship building pieces, as well. Being continual means, for example, that couples who go through Marriage Preparation with us can go on into our ongoing system of Marriage Enrichment and Family Formation programs and materials. Being Catholic means, for example, that it is our happy duty to always faithfully teach the doctrine of the Church “in the name of the Church” as our canonical status privileges us.


School of Love has both a canonical and a legal structure. Archbishop Naumann established it as a Public Association of the Christian Faithful, to aid him in his mission of forming marriages and families, and to teach in the name of the Church (canon 301). Though under Archbishop Naumann theologically, we are organizationally and financially independent of the Archdiocese. SL is a non-profit corporation in the State of Kansas and a 501(c)3.