Pier is a totally unique program for daily family prayer.  It’s a collection of daily Mass Gospels and reflections geared for your whole family, to do in the home, whenever works for you.  It’s easy, digital, accessible, and quick.  In about five minutes a day your family can deepen their prayer, build a priceless habit, follow the Liturgical year, and learn to better hear the voice of Christ in the Gospels… and you can do this all together! …  And think, all of this costs only as much as a couple fancy coffees!



“Pier’s Gospel reflections have given our family a jumping off point to talk about the faith.  The kids have given us insight on their faith we might have missed out on without this program.”

Dave & Rebecca C.

“Pier is a simple yet profound way to pray with our family daily.  It’s helped create a consistent family prayer time that’s deepened our love for God and each other.”

Ray & Kathleen B.

“I wanted to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed Pier this year and it has become what we mostly use for our evening prayer.”

Jake & Lynda S.