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Natural Family Planning Education Night is a thorough and professional presentation, a marital witness, and an informal discussion on the subject of Natural Family Planning. The night is designed to give single people, engaged couples, and married couples a front door into in-depth learning, discussion, questions, and practical resources for continuation in NFP. The goal of this event is to thoroughly teach the essentials of NFP and the reproductive cycle, health, and a positive marital relationship. This is contrasted with the spiritual, physical, and marital dangers of contraception. Information is taught by highly educated and trained professionals, and the beautiful witness is provided from real marital experience, wisdom, and happiness from many years of NFP practice and success. Finally there is a wealth of medical resources and practical options for couples wanting to continue learning or even begin the actual practice of NFP in its specific methods.

Oh, and did we mention that NFP Info Night is FREE?!  Though there is no sign up, if you remember, shoot us a brief “I’m/We’re coming” email or message, and we’ll make sure to have enough materials to send home with everyone.


“We had not really considered NFP at all… but now we plan on using it.”

Lucas & Catherine Z.

“… it completely changed our view of NFP.”

William & Elizabeth B.

“I learned so much during the Natural Family Planning session that my doctor did NOT tell me.”

Emily D.

“I definitely want to learn more – mainly b/c the instructors mentioned all the other benefits of it.”

Liz A.