We’re happy to help you strengthen your marriage!



DATE NIGHT:  You want a thriving marriage… so you must continually address it!  School of Love’s monthly Date Night is a fun, intentional, easy way to continue to grow in love, and to touch base on the things that matter.  And… it’s free!  Click here!

NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING INFO NIGHT:  Do you have questions?  NFP Info Night  is designed to give you a “front door” into in-depth learning, discussion, and practical resources.  Come join pros, witness couples, and people just like you.  Click here!



ONE MONTH FOR MARRIAGE: A 4 week mini-course on your favorite subject – your spouse!  The major topics of Christian Marriage both in class and at home.  Intellectual learning meets daily prayer from Gospels and daily spousal discussion.  Click here!



CATHOLIC MARRIAGE & FAMILY PLAN: Grow in love for your faith, marriage, and family – all at once… and all within your home.  CMFP bundles formation, reflection, and discussion for spouses and families, and then family prayer for every week.  Click here!