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We take your serious commitment seriously. And we hope it shows. We run one of the only professional courses in the country. We use world class materials from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family (Rome). Our instructors hold advanced degrees in the field. We provide lots of extras for outside of class, including materials for life-changing prayer. We have deeply formed witness couples available in and out of class. We have one of the highest rates of couples signing up for NFP in the country. We offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation. And we even do a dinner. Then, at the end of it all, we offer a host of programs and materials for couples as they continue on into marriage and family life.


Our program is one of Archbishop Naumann’s approved and preferred programs in the Archdiocese. The layout is simple: We meet once a week for six straight weeks. These six week sessions are scheduled months in advance and are held at a select Archdiocesan parish. Engaged couples from a handful of parishes in a given Archdiocesan region attend each session.  And there’s always room to join.


Each week we cover one to two major topic so engaged couples can look deeply into them. Half of most meetings is spent learning about the given topics. The other half is more practical. We provide engaged couples with reflection questions, and time for individual discussion. We provide them with witness couples for guidance and friendship, as well as some group discussion. We provide them with important one time events that couples need and appreciate: Confession, prayer (in church), and dinner as a group. We provide prayer building resources and commitment opportunities for outside class each week. By all this we offer intellectual, sprititual, and relationship formation to help couples grow in love with each other and with God.

(In the six weeks we cover: Love, Marriage, Sacrament, Prayer, Virtue, Sexuality, Natural Family Planning, Finances, Communication, and a lot more.)


“Our marriage prep class through School of Love truly transformed our lives and our relationship.”

Mark & Wendy H.

School of Love created an outline for how to live our married life meaningfully and faithfully.”

Andy & Kirsten W.

“Loved it!… Already Alex and I are thinking about marriage in terms of our faith and family, not just the two of us.”

Katie W.

“I thought the classes were awesome… we both really enjoyed them.”

Dan & Charlotte P.