We’re  happy  to help you parents form your kids at home!



PIER: This subscription gives your family the structure and consistency you need.  Daily Gospels readings and meditations for families help parents lead their children and help children learn to listen to Christ in the Scriptures.  Click here! 

CATHOLIC MARRIAGE & FAMILY PLAN: Grow in love for your faith, marriage, and family – all at once… and all within your home.  CMFP bundles formation, reflection, and discussion for spouses and families, and then family prayer for every week.  Click here!


ONE MONTH FOR MOTHERS:  A 4 week mini-course for you moms!  The major topics of Christian mothering both in class and at home.  Intellectual learning meets daily prayer from Gospels and immediately implementable resources.  Click here!



NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING INFO NIGHT:  Do you have questions?  NFP Info Night  is designed to give you a “front door” into in-depth learning, discussion, and practical resources.  Come join pros, witness couples, and people just like you.  Click here!