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Face to Face is the special monthly event for families held on the first Sunday evening of the month at Ascension Catholic Church (Overland Park).  Here’s a little overview: “There is prayer, candles, silence, Scripture meditations, music from the awesome praise band… & the one thing every Catholic parent wants: the whole family together with Christ!”  We partner with Ascension each month to bring you this totally unique event for the whole family.  So gather the kids, load ’em in the van or SUV, and join us (and a couple hundred others) for something truly great for your family!

Of course, Face to Face is a Free event!  And there’s no RSVP!  This is one of those special times where you can actually see that you are addressing all your top priorities (faith, marriage, and family) all at once!

I was sitting there at Face to Face with my family and I thought, ‘why am I not doing this more often?  Why am I not bringing my family to sit an pray at a church, in front of Jesus?  Even for a few minutes.  We should do this more often.’  Face to Face makes that happen.  Face to Face is great.

Mark & Kristina D.