The Catholic Marriage and Family Plan is a year long, digital, at-home tool-box for couples and their children. It is designed to provide you with some major materials you need to live an intentional Catholic marriage and family life, all in one place – your own home. You will receive: weekly family prayer from the Sunday Gospels, monthly marriage formation & discussions (to be used for at-home dates), monthly family formation & discussions (to be used for meaningful talks with your kids).  That way, not a month goes by without you having an important and personal conversation about the faith, your marriage, and your family.  It’s all ready for you.  It’s worth the time and worth the money to put into play a plan set to bring you a bit closer to God, your spouse, and your kids week by week, and month by month this year.  Your family will thank you!

“School of Love has provided so much for our family!  The Reflections have led us through great conversations and brought us much closer together in our faith.”

Dave & Rebecca C.

“Catholic Marriage & Family Plan has been a game changer for us!”

Charles & Rebecca G.